AR color book

It is an interactive educational application that combines traditional colouring methods with augmented reality technology. It is the first version in the Arabic language to teach numbers from 1 to 10 in an interactive way. The kids can see the drawings that he coloured in the form of 3D models after scanning the page using a tablet/ mobile phone.

Product content :

20-page coloring book


 12 coloring pen 

Free application (iOS, Android, Huawei)

Why do I choose this product?

1. Edutainment; learning, coloring and play.

2. Helps build imagination .

3. Interactive experience

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Virtual Dialogue with Historical Figures

Interactive virtual dialogue with historical Omani figure Ahmed bin Majid allows users to ask questions in Arabic and various Omani dialects using hologram technology or any other display (Human hologram, interactive Screen, Desktop App.). It can be implemented in museums, malls, and schools.

Product content :


(create customize interactive virtual dialogue for historical figure)


(Display: human hologram, smart screen, Desktop application)

Why do I choose this product?

1. Interactive with virtual historical figures as is in a real world.

2. Merging education content with interactive technologies.

3. Encourage Kids to interact and engage with the content.

4. Motivate young generation to identify the historical figures
achievements in interactive way.

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